Flying Through Uncertainties

Flying Through Uncertainties

Ronald Daniel Ricaforte Mascariñas
Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc., President

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking, Flight #BAVI2020 is on course.”

Today, the country eases back on some of the world’s most restrictive measures ever undertaken to control the pandemic.

This does not mean that we have already defeated the virus. In fact, it continues to spread in record-high numbers.

It simply means that we are learning that we cannot defeat the virus by destroying along with it the very economic basis of our healthy existence and, without which, we cannot generate the needed resources to fight the virus, and save even more lives.

The severe restrictions on mobility of the last two months have resulted in massive numbers of business enterprises closing or cutting down on operations. The numbers of newly unemployed and underemployed are rising. The much-dreaded economic recession is already upon us. It is real.

We are among the lucky ones.

For the first quarter of the year, revenue is 12% and operating income 448% higher than last year.

Our traditional engines became irrelevant overnight. However, our new engines from rolling stores, LGU’s and live chicken retail bailed us and I expect them to bring us to our destination safely.

I trust that all on board will be behind in breathing life to our new engines of business.

We managed not only to minimize expected business losses at the start of the quarantine period in mid-March this year and actually dared to actually expand our business by creating completely new trade channels and bringing our operations even closer to the people than ever before through our various formats of rolling stores.

As a result, we are approaching the coming regimes of easing restrictions a stronger organization with more products and a healthier financial position.

All of these required creativity, courage, sacrifice and loyalty from our people. But this is not yet the time for self-congratulations.

We at BAVI met the difficult challenges of the last two months not by retreating but by advancing and expanding, proving the old adage that the best defense is still a good offense. With the new order to shift the nation towards general quarantine, a new race is begun.

I have already given the marching orders to prepare for completely new realities and ways of doing things in the post-pandemic new economy.

I want everyone to protect themselves always by following strict health protocols. I will make sure that our workplaces comply with new government safety standards. And I am reminding all those working from home to be on work mode always during working hours.

Most of all, I am enjoining all our partners and stakeholders to support each other always as one community.

All of humanity is bracing for a new post-COVID world and some of the adjustments we need to take can be very disruptive and stressful.

With each other’s support, we can surmount any challenge stronger than before.

Believe in it.

Thank you for your trust and your cooperation. See you soon.


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