American Crew Hats Off to Modern Filipino Dads for their Passion, Dreams, & Style

The making of the Modern Dad: American Crew interviewed Filipino Dads about their Passion, Dreams, and Style.

With Father’s Day approaching, American Crew listened to Dads talking about their way of life, struggles, and how they can manage to keep all the hats and rocking it! Let us learn from these Dads and get inspiration on how to level up your Dad game!

Franchise Operator of Café & Food Stalls
(Chaboba, X Yoboo and Casa Empanada)

First on their list is the man of the trade, Mr. Fermil Anonuevo, Franchise Operator of Café & Food Stalls around the metro, with his busy schedule putting up with the grind, hovering daily operations in his cafés and a dad to a 5-year-old son.

Mr. Anonuevo mentioned that he’s making time to bring his son to his place of work to show him the value of hard work in his early years, while right after work, Fermil finds time to take on his son’s math lessons and usually ends the day with some storytime, as he may have ended “these are the moments that I treasure a lot”.

Like many working Dads, Fermil is aware that he is a common target of stress-causing flaking and dandruff, that is why he mentioned that American Crew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is part of his daily routine ensuring that early signs of two of the top of his scalp issues (dry & oily) are addressed leaving the hair and scalp refreshed, invigorated while making it hydrated and moisturized all day long.

CEO / Publisher, Village Connect Magazine

Next on our list is the publisher of the Village Connect, Mr. Albert Legaspi, as a publisher, we understood the endless pursuit to deliver news as it happens and provide lifestyle content as needed by his readership.

Albert is also a father of three beautiful ladies; keeping his schedule and providing quality time is an intertwining requirement in his daily life as its hinged towards his goal of providing a good future for his family.

Apart from that, Albert lives an active lifestyle which is why he preferred American Crew’s 24-Hour Deodorant Body Wash amongst the lineup of American Crew’s body washes as it has Silver Citrate that helps control odor and Melaleuca Alternifolia that helps fight off bacteria, that hand in hand keep men smelling fresh and clean round the clock.

Retail Store Owner and Entreprenuer

Lastly, Mr. Jxer Favis, we interviewed a dad who balances being a father, a husband, a property consultant, a business owner, a YouTube content creator, and a Youth Coordinator at church.

Mr.  Favis admits that he struggled between shifting hats but he found strength and confidence in Him, pointing out that he owes his success from God and being blessed with a supportive wife and loving kids, that provides too much inspiration.

Despite the rigors of his job and many things on his list, we asked Jxer how he maintains his youthful look as we have known Jxer since his 20s.

He revealed to us that he’s been using American Crew’s Acumen Recharging Hydrating Cream as an after-shower moisturizer. The ACUMEN line contains vitamins combining antioxidant and moisturizing agents, making men’s skin hydrated and younger-looking.

After hearing their stories, we invite everyone to make this month extra special for Dads by telling them how much their efforts are appreciated and keeping them in style and well-groomed with American Crew’s products made for Dads available on Shopee Mall – American Crew PH.

Written by Village Connect

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