Tonton Dungca to represent Maxxis Tires at the 2022 RFC Philippines

Off-road driving in the Philippines is such a thrilling experience. Imagine braving the terrain that only a few have conquered and maneuvered? Nothing beats the perfect off-roading conditions that the Philippines has: the challenging terrain conditions, the steep departure angles, and the adrenaline brought by the weather.

For award-winning driver Edison “Tonton” Dungca, off-road racing has always been his passion. It was his father who sparked his interest in 4×4 off-road driving when he was still 16. Twenty-five years later, he found himself competing in numerous off-road racing all around the world. “It wasn’t as competitive back then as it is now, but going off-road—whether it’s dirt, rock, sand, or mud terrain—always thrilled me to my core,” said Dungca, a 2019 Borneo Safari Qualifier Champion. He was also recognized as the Golden Wheel Award Driver of the Year for 2013 and 2014 other than being the Automobile Association of the Philippines Driver of the Year for 2018.

Dungca has been in every off-road competition since 2009. With his skills and years of experience, he will conquer this year’s Rainforest Challenge (RFC) Philippines, representing Maxxis, a brand he has long trusted since he started off-road racing.

“Driving off-road in a muddy—and sometimes loose over hardpacked—terrain is extra challenging. But to be able to improve off-road stability and performance, a driver must have unparalleled skills complemented with top-of-the-line tire to unleash one’s potential,” shared Dungca.

This year, Maxxis’ all-rounder Trepador tires will take Dungca closer to the finish line. And amidst various challenging terrains and extreme driving conditions, Dungca is now ready to conquer the wilder side of the Philippines—just as how the MAXXIS Trepador have helped Jim Marsden win the Ulltra4 European 2019 Championship.

MAXXIS TREPADOR: The choice of the champions

The Trepador M8060 is an extreme 4×4 off-road tire, proven in a huge number of championships internationally. It is extremely resistant to punctures, thanks to its nylon and high tension composite belt that also acts as reinforcement for extreme “air down” capability and extra high-speed stability. It provides excellent traction on and off-road with its unique tread element arrangement that creates a uniform and bigger contact patch.

The tire, which is perfect for mud terrain, has a heavy-duty bias-ply construction known for excellent durability and tread flexibility. Feel the grip from every angle with its sidewall biting points that sustain and improve contact on difficult off-road and rocky terrain.

If you’re afraid to drive it on roads, don’t worry because it’s been DOT-approved and recommended for vehicles with a maximum speed of 100 kph.

Designed to conquer off-road terrain with ease, the Trepador M8060 is the championship-winning tire for Ultra4 European 2019 Champion Jim Marsden.

“When racing the world’s most extreme off-road races, you need a tire that delivers, and that for me is the Maxxis Trepador. Its aggressive multi-lug tread pattern performs well at speed and in harsh environments,” Marsden said.

TREPADOR M9060: Bringing uncompromised safety and endurance

Meanwhile, the Trepador M9060 is reliable on all types of terrain, whether it’s wet or dry. Also known as the mud Trepador, the tire is designed to withstand punctures, endure low air pressure, improve off-road stability and handling, and provide strong traction in all types of terrain for superior driving performance. It is perfect for unpaved roads and off-road trails as it delivers sports traction and endurance yet never compromises on safety.

Just like the M8060, the Trepador M9060 has a nylon and composite belt that reinforces tire construction which significantly improves puncture resistance and prolongs tread life. The tire is an off-road warrior with its staggered shoulder pattern offering better grip even if you’re on a difficult muddy track or rocky terrain. And thanks to its unique tread, you are guaranteed an even tread contact even for rock-solid road holding.

When it comes to off-roading tires, Maxxis is unlike any other, says Dungca. The two tires are sure to give racers safety, performance, value, and grip, regardless of the off-road condition. And because Maxxis can come up with products that are truly top of the line, nothing can endure the tough life of a 4×4 than these two off-road beasts.

Maxxis Trepador tires are available at selected dealers nationwide. Visit to choose a dealer nearest you!

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