The Occasion to Honor: “Thank you DAD”

The Occasion to Honor:

“Thank you DAD”

Finally, Father’s Day allows us a chance to show our appreciation and gratitude. We are stronger together and as a family unit, we will get through this.

In understanding trying economic times, I have selected the best tech polo’s with a wide price range to accommodate all good father’s around this great nation.

In line with the celebration of Father’s Day, Village Connect sat down with one of the father on his generation to share their thoughts on fatherhood.

Mike Villa-Real is just like his father, his memories of his father are: very strict and disciplined but very expressive to his children. Mike turned out to be a different Father to his own children.

At least he is not proud to disclose that his father and his mother both greatly influenced his growth and formation, as a professional adult and parent.

Villa-Real said his parents were his greatest coaches in life as he looked up more to his dad as a role model.  He wasn’t the usual male who kept to himself, but shared his feelings, frustrations and joy to the people close to him. Later in life, I saw him as a person who makes mistakes, gets hurt but his response to adverse situations would define him and serve as my role model.

He relishes the times when he spent with family and friends through the Christmas (to celebrate his birthday as well) and summer breaks (when he could play longer).

Sadly, he said, the technology which was supposed to keep us together and making things easier and faster now demands more of one’s time. “We used to respect private and personal time, now we don’t. Think about that, why do we have less personal time today,” he lamented.

As a teenager, he ran to both parents for advice that, he said, was not only “good for me but which I pass on to my children now.”

Reminiscing their family reunions and parties as a child, he said they had a lot. “Until I was a teenager, my parents would have yearly reunions at our house to celebrate my birthday which was between Christmas Day (the gathering around the tree and opening gifts) and New Year’s Day. I think it was good reason for another family get-together during the holidays.”

“I had a strict father and I was scared of him but his discipline molded me to strive for excellence as much as I can. After he became a follower of Jesus, he mellowed down but was still strict. Later in life, he was much gentler and    affectionate to his family.”

To him his best memories were the ones with my parents and siblings. Not the bigger clan reunions. His grandparents, he said, found him quiet, shy and reserve.

The best times in his life were summer breaks because “we had two months of no school and just playing with friends and vacation with family.”

As to what he enjoys most about his role as a father is his being a mentor and a molder of character in watching his children grow.

He admits that he was stricter with his kids in their formative years but then he mellowed as they became teenagers. “I should’ve been stricter for a longer period, even as they were already teenagers.”

As to his secret about being a good father, he said, it is being deliberate and serious with your role to raise men and women you can be proud of. If possible, work with your wife. Teamwork brings great results. Being mindful and making time for them, because they grow up so fast and teaching opportunities pass by so quickly.

To be conscious of your actions before them, to be consistent with what you teach in your words and actions. One parent was telling us how disrespectful their children were to them, but we also saw how disrespectful the parents were to each other. In other words, their children just copied what they saw.

He said that today’s fathers have a harder time because there is too much information available, like Google and Youtube. If a child has a question, they just go there instead of asking their parents. The problem with that is that the vast information available online is that it could be good or bad for our children. If they asked us instead, we could at least filter the information and tell them what is best for their particular situation. More importantly, we lose the chance to bond and interact with our kids with these questions.

His legacy, he says, is to make his children have an intimate relationship with God. That this close relationship with God would make them decide on what is right or wrong, what is best. That it would carry them through the toughest stages in life that would surely come.

After grueling tasks at the workplace, your superdad deserves to unwind and relax. This Father’s Day, take him to places where he can enjoy and shower him with love and comfort.

Don’t fret. We got you. Village Connect compiles a list of places where you can take him, plus some reminders of what to do and what not to.


These games show the thrilling experience of watching white striped uniformed men hitting baseballs across fields. Fathers are more driven to moments that they can share with their family rather than by themselves (They’re loving that way). So, what better action can they than a day spent with their family? A competitive game, it doesn’t have to be a baseball game; you can maybe take them to their favorite basketball or soccer game (Anything to get them up their favorite couch). You might not know, you just might be the reason why they bring home a signed souvenir!.

The superdad needs some time for himself, allowing his body to rejuvenate. If you want him to enjoy soothing massages and therapeutic strokes, the spa is the perfect place for him. With its serene and dim-lighted environment, the place is sure a rest hub for the stressed dad who can chill out and relax. It offers an escape where he can calm his nerves and meditate in silence. Advise the spa management of any health conditions, allergies, or injuries of your dad which could affect the choice of treatment.


If you still can’t think of a treat for your dad and it’s nearing bedtime, why not take him out for a good glass of red wine and a well-cooked steak with some mashed potato on the side to finish things off.

Everybody deserves a treat no matter what time of the day- and this suggestion is of interest to you last minute readers who totally forgot it was Father’s Day just until your mom greeted your dad.


Some of our fathers missed some of our special moments when we were young. Now that we’re all grown up and can’t really sit on their laps calling them “dada,”  why not do something a bit similar to what you have done when you were young? Drive up to the park where you used to play, pack up a simple meal, and just have fun; just bring back the old days.

The splash of waves, cold ocean breeze, and fine sand make a tranquil destination where it is good to shrug off anxiety and stress. You can take him to a peaceful vacation in a resort. There are various resorts that offer affordable rates. Your superdad will surely enjoy taking selfies, so just be prepared to capture the perfect shot for his Facebook post.


Your superdad needs to take good care of his eyes, too. This Father’s Day, accompany him to Ideal Vision Center which has the biggest brands and range of eyeglasses, sunglasses and eyewear accessories. Ideal Vision’s digitalized eye exam can accurately and quickly evaluate your dad’s eye health. Since it is the one-stop-shop for the eyes, there’s also no need to wonder what kind of lenses best suit your superdad. Help him get the look he always wanted and go to the nearest Ideal Vision Center near you!

Mall. Look no more because SM Supermalls has the best DAD-mazing dining and shopping deals that your family will enjoy! After all, nothing beats a fun time with the family. Every year, SM Supermalls has various activities for fathers. You might want to have a DAD-venture this weekend and embark on a journey of exciting deals and discounts at some stores located at SM Supermalls.

The options are endless. There are million ways to show your love and care for your superdad. That includes taking him to places where he can enjoy. What’s important is that he feels your love every day.

Have fun! To all superdads out there, happy Father’s Day!

By Rose de la Cruz and MJ Blancaflor

Written by Village Connect

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