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Small Devices, Big Compromises? Fret Not!

This small device is you new solar generator that can power up the whole house. Yes, you read it right!

iMoGen, the most in demand mobile generator in the Philippines. Not only does it give free, clean electricity but it also has smart monitor and controls showing your actual load, energy

consumption, battery storage percentage and charging time via DC/AC. Oh, and did we also mention charging stations on the device itself?

Say no to fossil fuel, enjoy zero brownout and power up, anytime and anywhere with SunSmart’s iMoGen Intelligent Mobile Generators Small but Powerful indeed.


Being an archipelago, the Philippines has hundreds of remote islands, and regions with off grid places- simply known as areas that are not connected to an electricity grid.

Unlike what people experience in highly urbanized cities and in some rural areas that are connected with the on-grid system, there is a lack of power supplies on these off-grid communities, leaving households in darkness and few opportunities for economic growth.

In the Philippines, over  90 percent of households  are already powered with electricity or at least have access to it. Homes and businesses are connected with on-grid systems where there is no problem with electric supply even in times of calamities like super typhoons, earthquakes, and flash floods. The remaining 10 percent are left with no available power supply to rely on during these times.

This percentage may be small—however, it still covers many isolated islands, secluded communities tucked in hills and valleys, and other places which are away from on-grid systems.


But gone are the days when people settle with darkness throughout the night. Remote communities are now given the power supply thanks to solar power technology where the power supply is generated from the sun and is stored for the whole community to have access to 24/7.

An off-grid system requires battery storage which can last throughout the year and are enough to supply households whatever season it is. Be it during the rainy season or come summertime, blackouts are no longer an option.

Before, when there was still little knowledge about solar energy technology, the cost of batteries and inverters are high, making it an expensive move to make.

Not everyone is open to the idea of shelling out investment money for such a new trend. But with the public and private partnerships done in the past years, innovations are brought to these communities, eventually lowering down costs.

People are more open with the fact that the way to cheaper and more eco-friendly consumption of electricity is through clean energy from the sun. It also helps that the market for off-grid systems is growing with the help of innovative minds who brought this transformative solution in the country. People consider harvesting renewable energy not only in isolated places but even in the cities where there is a movement to think of a way to live sustainably.


SunSmart , the Philippines’ leading expert in providing off-grid and hybrid solar power systems and stations , is a renewable energy company that has been in the industry for the past five years. Although relatively young in the industry, it has brought significant breakthroughs in the country’s solar technology landscape with its innovation. transformative, and sustainable solutions for residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural requirements.

Powering off-grid places in various regions in the country is what SunSmart aims for. More than the products that are internationally at par and topnotch services it has to offer, it sets a mission to reach even the farthest area in the country and provide solar power solutions so there will be no household left in total darkness.


unSmart takes pride in its Mini-Grid Solar approach—where there is a renewable energy power station that is shared by households within a developed community. In this mini-grid system, the controller, battery, and inverter are all intelligently designed and innovatively integrated into just one system. This system is compact, portable, a lightweight box with more powerful functions and features capable to provide a 24/7 renewable source of power supply.

With this approach, there is no need to install solar panels in the households’ respective roofs, which may cause them a lot if done independently. The mini-grid system is made to have a centralized solar power supply with cheaper and cleaner electricity for everyone within the community. Everyone benefits from the clean energy brought by the sun in a more convenient and economically friendly way.

Having this in a community holds a list of benefits—from having reliable electricity 24/7 and practicality in terms of expenses compared to direct paying of utility to being a catalyst of protecting the environment against the harmful effects of greenhouse emission. SunSmart is deeply rooted in its values to uphold such advocacies in all of its endeavors.

Through SunSmart’s smart technology, streets are lighted with solar lights in a village in Pampanga, a far and vast off-grid property in La Union is lighted with sustainable energy, and roofs in a Boracay community are powered with renewable energy. All these and many other projects around the country are proof that it is possible to live a sustainable life with clean and renewable energy.

With solar power technology solutions, off-grid communities are given endless opportunities for a sustainable and economically viable life.

To know more about SunSmart and its products and services, you may visit  or contact  [email protected] .

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