SCG promotes green homes with sustainable products

From left: SFCG Export Manager Chanon Sangkaew, United Architects of the Philippines National President Richard M. Garcia, and SCGM President Bancha Chaiprom pose at the SCG Booth at CONEX 2024, held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Siam Cement Group (SCG), a pioneer in the construction material industry and the number one brand in Thailand, showcased during the 2024 Construction Exhibit (CONEX) some of its ground-breaking product innovation, sustainability, and durability, bringing a new perspective to convention attendants and industry peers.

As a prominent player in the construction industry and a home solutions provider, SCG has demonstrated its adaptability to recent market trends, considering consumer demands, longevity, and environmental preservation, making the brand inclusive and holistic.

SCG ensures that its products follow the necessary standards, like the Green Choice Award, which is given to products and services certified to be less environmentally harmful.

“In SCG, we are currently pushing for eco-friendly products. This is something that we really want to emphasize and we are really passionate about improving,” said SCGM President Bancha Chaiprom who also highlighted how the Philippine market is a strong venue because of their affluence to climate concerns and because of their constant exposure to its adverse effects, like intense heat or extreme rainfall.

Showcase green innovations and design trends

In recent years, SCG has placed a strong emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and durability in its product development efforts. Additionally, SCG is the first in Thailand to self-certify the environmental friendliness of its products and services using an eco-label ‘SCG Green Choice’, giving buyers an assurance that these products are truly friendly to the environment and safe to their well-being by providing clear information, product knowledge, and attributes of the labelled products.

The SCG Green Choice label assures consumers about the product’s environmental safety features, earning the company various recognitions such as the No. 1 Brand in Thailand by Marketeer and Thailand’s Most Admired Brand in 2024 by BrandAge.

Now, at Conex, we are thrilled to showcase some of our ground-breaking products that exemplify these principles. SCG Conex is an annual event that serves as a premier platform for unveiling the latest advancements in construction materials, technologies, and design trends.

As SCG positions itself as a home solutions provider, homeowners can find eco-label products for decorative products with SmartWood and the newest C-Channel product, roofing with SCG concrete roof and Shinkolite, ceiling and walls with SCG SmartBoard, AAC with SmartBlock and insulation with SCG Stay Cool. Each product is carefully produced to meet green standards by omitting harmful ingredients or designed to promote sustainability within homes.

Some of the green and innovative SCG products on display at the SCG booth

The SmartWood is a unique product from SCG that combines green, durable, and innovative aspects, and satisfies all ceiling, wall, and floor applications. It’s asbestos-free to maintain a healthy space and lessen environmental pollution while promoting durability to serve as an alternative for natural resources like wood.

Moreover, SCG also designed the SmartBoard ULTRA, a revolutionary fiber cement board that combines the best of both worlds: strength and flexibility. This product solves the common fiber cement issue, like edge cracking. It can also withstand extreme conditions, moisture, and impact.

Another green insulation solution from SCG to keep homes cool is the SCG Staycool, which is designed for ceilings, and reduces heat using HydroProtec technology to repel water and moisture to help prolong insulation performance. The natural insulation within their spaces will also enable homeowners to cut energy consumption and costs.

One product that also stands out is the SCG C-Channel Plus. This innovative solution mimics the functionality of steel beams but with numerous advantages. Constructed from fiber cement, the C-Channel Plus is lightweight, weighing five to six times less than real steel. This characteristic not only facilitates easier handling but also potentially lowers installation costs, making it a compelling choice for various construction projects.

Another notable product is Shinkolite, a renowned brand of transparent acrylic roofing sheets manufactured by SCG Chemicals, a subsidiary of the Siam Cement Group in Thailand. Shinkolite has emerged as a preferred option for contemporary construction endeavors, thanks to its exceptional blend of aesthetics, functionality, and longevity. Its transparent nature allows for ample natural light, enhancing the ambience of indoor spaces while maintaining durability and weather resistance. Shinkolite stands as a testament to SCG’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern construction projects.

Besides the C-Channel Plus and Shinkolite, consumers can also find a lightweight and innovative building material called SCG SmartBlock. The primary advantage of SCG SmartBlock lies in its cellular structure. It consists of lightweight, air-filled bubbles that significantly reduce weight compared to standard concrete. Despite its lightness, SCG SmartBlock boasts impressive strength and durability. Moreover, the air bubbles trapped within the material create excellent insulation, keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer during the cold season, all while contributing to energy savings, allowing for a greener, more comfortable home.

Furthermore, SCG also offers the SCG Facade, which isn’t a single product but an umbrella term for SCG’s range of facade solutions made available by their subsidiaries, SCG D’COR and DECAAR by SCG. These solutions combine aesthetics with functionality to enhance the exterior of a building.

Coinciding with the company’s bid for easy-installation products, they have a technical team that consumers can consult with from the design phase and before installation to get the best results possible.

“We also recently launched the Smart Academy to teach contractors how to properly install our products, is available nationwide through dealers and online,” said President Bancha.

The products’ durability reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs, minimizing the environmental impact associated with construction activities over a building’s lifespan. President Bancha also emphasizes how SCG uses recycled plastic materials in its products to reduce environmental waste.

As Thailand’s number one home solutions provider, SCG continues to produce innovative, eco-friendly, and durable products to cater to their market’s preferences and stay updated with the latest trends in construction.

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