PopStar Launched its Web 3 Integration Allow Users to View their Digital Assets

PopStar Influencer Marketing platform launched its Web 3 integration this year

YOYO Holdings Pte Ltd, (CEO: Yosuke Fukada), the marketing technology company has announced the launch of additional features and functionalities for its influencer marketing platform, PopStar, which allows marketers to experience a better user experience, discover effective nano and micro-influencers with high engagement, track and monitor influence performance seamlessly. It now has a built-in Web 3 wallet that allows users to view digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) inside its app and an ERC20 Token (SPARKLES) which can be earned by doing activities.

PopStar is an influencer marketing platform that connects content creators to brands and vice versa. It has the largest network of nano and micro-influencers with over 250,000 registered users and more than 500 million followers in the Philippines and Indonesia. It automates and simplifies every part of a brand’s influencer marketing workflow, from acquiring the right influencers fit for their campaign to monitoring content quality and performance results within its app.

PopStar celebrated its 4th year anniversary with partner influencers and brands

It aims to help brands achieve business metrics, such as brand awareness, community engagement, and sales conversion, minus the long hours of manually selecting influencers with a high engagement rate at an affordable rate. It caters to all segments and demographics: young and experienced markets, regional and local, key-opinion leaders, and decision-makers.

PopStar has partnered with local and international brands, such as Glico, Kirin Ichiban, Traveloka, JCB, Ysera Skin, Geely, Brother Indonesia, Max Fashion, MAP Subway, Kewpie, Idemitsu, Shiseido, and Phapros, to name a few.

PopStar aims to help content creators have a more convenient and accessible way to earn additional income by joining its campaigns, now with a better, easier, and more enjoyable experience on its mobile app that is available to both iOS and Android users. It is owned by YOYO, a marketing technology startup in Southeast Asia with the goal to empower the next billion.

PopStar Philippines team at the Poppin at 4: “Free to be Me” anniversary celebration

Influencer platform with exclusive integration to web 3 wallets to store and earn fungible and non-fungible tokens

We have moved towards a future where everything will be even more connected and virtual. This is what web 3 is all about – the next phase of the Internet where it becomes an entire universe of its own. It is the era of blockchain technology and decentralized applications where the rise of blockchain-based platforms will be evident in most aspects of our lives.

With the vision of: “Empower the Next Billion”, YOYO aims to provide diverse opportunities to people in emerging countries that could help them build their own brands and businesses which align with what the future holds. One of its solutions, the nano and micro-influencer platform, “PopStar” has more than 250,000 registered influencers and more than 500 million followers, maximizing profit opportunities using social media for local content creators.

From this year, PopStar influencers can now start collecting and viewing fungible and non-fungible tokens within the PopStar app via its web 3 integration by connecting their preferred crypto or any digital wallet. This is the first step for PopStar influencers to engage with blockchain technology and earn cryptocurrency in the next years within the app.

To provide brands in Southeast Asia that want to explore and try web 3-related campaigns, with further profit opportunities, PopStar will promote exclusive NFT campaigns where they will be able to promote their businesses through influencer marketing in the next years.

PopStar website:

Download the PopStar app on: Google Playstore App Store

To learn more about YOYO, visit:

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