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PC Rigs of Your Favorite Pinoy Online Streamers

PC Gaming is definitely a fun way to de-stress after a long day, connect with friends online, and enjoy art in its interactive form. For the fortunate few, they have managed to turn their passion into a profession – online streaming.

While the gaming aficionados watch their favorite streamers play, online streamers bear the sole responsibility of giving their viewers a lag-free viewing pleasure. A reliable workhorse of a computer now becomes essential in order to keep up with both their gaming needs and live streaming requisites.

Scan and stan on these PC rigs from your favorite Pinoy online celebrities, which you can apply to your own build. 


Known for his action-packed Mobile Legends livestreams and humorous videos, Akosi Dogie is no stranger to the vlogging and E-sports scene. The seasoned content creator started out his career in 2005 on YouTube. As of writing, he has amassed a whopping 8 million followers on Facebook alone, plus a total of 6.49 million subscribers on his YouTube channel — making him one of the most in-demand content creators in the country today.

For his rig, Akosi Dogie relies heavily on his upgraded Predator Orion 9000 to aid his live streaming and video editing tasks. Check out his full build below:

Motherboard        : ASUS ROG Strix B365-F Gaming
Processor              : Intel Core i7-9700K
Graphics Card     : GeForce RTX 2080
Storage                : Samsung SSD 860 EVO 2TB
RAM                     : 32GB DDR4
Cooling System    : Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E RGB
Case                    : Acer Predator custom case
Keyboard             : MSI VIGOR GK40
Mouse                  : MSI Clutch GM70
Monitor                 : MSI MAG321CQR Curved Gaming Monitor 


Even before venturing out as a budding gamer-slash-streamer, Dexie Diaz has been dazzling us with her charms years ago as a promising child actor – appearing on TV shows and movies alongside Coco Martin, Angel Aquino, and Vina Morales. Currently, the young streamer is busy entertaining her 6.6 million Facebook followers with her live streams and quirky clips. She’s also building up her YouTube fanbase, garnering an impressive 638K subscribers since her first YT outing two year ago. Her videos consist mostly of Mobile Legends in-game videos, cosplays, her car racing adventures.

Dexie currently uses a stunning ROG build for her in-game live streaming as well as for her YouTube and Facebook content. Here’s a sneak peek of Dexie’s home rig.

Motherboard      : ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E
Processor            : Intel core i7-9700K
Graphics Card    : ROG RTX 2080 Super O8G
Storage               : TForce Delta RGB SSD 500GB
RAM                    : TForce Delta RGB DDR4 4x8GB
Cooling System  : ROG Ryujin 240
Case                   : ROG Strix Helios
Power Supply     : ROG Thor 850P
Keyboard           : MSI VIGOR GK40
Mouse                 : MSI Clutch GM70
Monitor               : MSI MAG321CQR Curved Gaming Monitor


Eric “Eruption” Tai wears many hats: a rugby union player, host, model, devoted Mormon missionary, and a loving family man. With his string of successful endeavors, the Tongan-born gentle giant is also known for his flashy dance moves and comedic chops. Eruption currently has 2.3 million Facebook followers and over 70K subscribers on YouTube. His content consists mostly of Mobile Legends livestreaming, dance videos, skits, and occasional collaborations with fellow YouTube stars – notably with Kiko Matos.

Eruption uses a custom-build PC with awesome add-ons and upgrades for his uploads and ML streaming. Here’s his rig:

Motherboard     : TUF Gaming x570-Plus
Processor           : AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Graphics Card  : ZOTAC GAMING Geforce RTX 2070
Storage             : XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB + Seagate BarraCuda 2TB

RAM                  : G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series 16GB (2x8GB)
Case                 : Cooler Master H500P MasterCase Mesh White
Power Supply    : FOCUS GM-750W



A TV sensation, Alden Richards is not just about the looks. He’s a versatile award-winning actor, a skillful host, a promising singer, and an in-demand endorser. On the side, the multi-hyphenated personality dabbles in video content creation, mainly livestreaming his in-game exploits on Mobile Legends and Valorant. He also showcases some clips from his shows, TVCs, movies, as well as interviews and daily vlogs to update his 4.3 million followers on Facebook.

Alden utilizes a custom-built PC by Mark Van Acosta of Declassified Systems. Here’s a rundown of his impressive rig:

Motherboard         : ASUS ROG Maximum XI Hero
Processor               : Intel Core i9-9900K
Graphics Card       : ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080TI-O11G OC
Storage                  : 970 EVO SSD 1TB M.2 + Crucial MX500 2TB SSD
RAM                       : G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series 64GB (4 x 16GB)
Case                      : Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL
Power Supply        : ASUS ROG Thor 850W
Cooling System     : Custom Watercooling system

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Source: SM Cyberzone

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