Mykartero, Innovates The Way You Deliver Packages Globally

Mykartero, Innovates The Way You Deliver Packages Globally

With constant reminders to stay at home during this pandemic, you have to consider doing everything online. Now, you can shop for your essential home items, pay your bills and enroll your children from the comforts of your home. There’s another service you can do at home – you can have your packages shipped abroad through an online platform made available by MyKartero.

MyKartero is the first self-service private shipping platform in the Philippines to innovate postal services by providing online booking platform for all your shipping needs.

We all have experienced hassle in getting an item to our local shipping center or shipping an item for our OFW loved one or a customer abroad. The current services available have not yet been taking the 21st-century leap and this is why MyKartero emerged — to innovate the way you deliver packages globally!

Say goodbye to that sweaty long lines and waiting hours to get the tracking numbers because you can now ship your packages internationally at the comfort of your own home!

Planning to set up an online business that caters to local and international clients? MyKartero should be your courier of choice. MyKartero’s goal is to provide MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) with a simple export documentation process through one declaration form. With a cumulative of 50 years of postal service by its management team, MyKartero serves as your postal gateway that promises a 24-hour processing turnaround time and ships to more than 192 destination countries.

Arlene Padua-Martinez, MyKartero President

“We want to help you find the optimal solution for you and your e-commerce business, this can be achieved through our global-wide postal and courier network partners we have built and established over the years. We will also guide you through the world of e-commerce deliveries and advise you on the best possible solution available,” said Arlene Padua-Martinez, MyKartero President.

There are four reasons why MSMEs should avail of MyKartero’s services:

  1. Thanks to its long experience in this sector, MyKartero simplifies the lengthy export process through streamlined logistics and expanded customs clearance.
  2. With this, small businesses can enjoy reduced export costs.
  3. It connects all players in the trade supply chain.
  4. it gives exporters access to valuable information and tools to learn about international markets.

“We offer brave new solutions and find the right way to the market by using the best possible delivery solution for e-tailers,” Martinez said.

MyKartero made it easy for you to use their services, all you have to do is do the 4Ps:

  1. Prepare. Create your own account on Select a service and encode all the needed shipping details.
  2. Print labels.
  3. Pay. Pay for the service you availed of through bank deposit, GCash or PayMaya.
  4. Proceed. Book for your parcel to be picked up or proceed to the nearest shipping center.

You are not stuck with one type of service, MyKartero offers 4 services based on your needs:

Premium Service. Provide a secure and track and trace features for your package.

Super Economy package. While it does not track your package, it is the most budget-friendly.

Express Mail Service. Most secure door to door delivery service in the shortest estimated possible transit time of  7-15 working days.

“MyKartero makes use of optimal transport to the country of destination, cutting one to two days from the estimated processing and transit time, thereby allowing you to save on time,” Martinez said. “This service aims to boost your online business conversion rate as we will allow you to focus on your business with no worries on delivery,” said Arlene.

For more information about MyKartero or if you would like to book a consultation schedule, visit

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