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A new top-notch, one-stop-clinic is set to take the stage as a leading provider of world-class standard quality of Dentistry and Medical Aesthetics. Anchored in superior skills and home-like customer service, Valeria Doctors promises to revolutionize the practice and leave footprints on the globe as they foster patients all over the world by promoting Medical Aesthetics and Dental Tourism.

 “I believe that it is high time that people across nations realize and appreciate how good Filipino dentists and cosmetic surgeons are” says Dr. Patricia Diana Suiza, President of Valeria Doctors. “Filipinos tend to go abroad to get procedures done without knowing that we have competitive and highly-skilled doctors here.” The motivation for the birth of Valeria Doctors is the desire to be a leader in the industry and to offer services that are performed via their signature Valeria protocol system.

Dr. Patricia Suiza is a dentist by profession and is known for her excellent Dental Veneers and Periodontics practice. “Your Smile is a Lifestyle” is one of her iconic brand mottos. According to her, she has seen a steep rise in the number of patients getting dental veneers and teeth whitening procedures and people are now more considerate of their oral health.

This significant increase in dental and medical aesthetics patients can be attributed to the effect of mass and social media, availability of high-resolution cameras and the more accepting nature of the society nowadays. The idea of inclusivity and celebrating oneself has tremendously inspired people to avail dental and medical cosmetics.

“A beautiful smile is no longer just for TV personalities because in the digital era we currently live in, everybody is a celebrity; and that is what Valeria Doctors is set to make people feel”. Dr. Suiza says. “We want our patients to be given VIP experience where they feel valued, heard and worthy of attention.”. Nowadays, a bright, healthy set of teeth is almost always a requirement and a statement.

Having full set of dental veneers has become a status symbol and a lifestyle craze. Regular dental visits have also become an experience more people want to enjoy and document. In digital terms, a beautiful smile has become a trend that more people search about and post about. That’s why Dr. Suiza vows to be a household name when it comes to creating smiles with respect to these three top considerations: HEALTH, FUNCTION and AESTHETICS.

Dental veneers and crowns are one of the flagship dental offers of Valeria Doctors. This is best for patients who want to have total smile makeovers. These dental veneers are made of strong and durable materials that are color-stable and relatively low maintenance.

Another signature dental treatment that they provide is the Guided Biofilm Therapy done through the Valeria Doctors Protocol System thus is only available in their clinic. This revolutionary treatment is best for patients who have Periodontitis, patients with highly-stained teeth (tea and coffee stains), patients with dental implants and veneers, patients with anxiety and dental trauma, orthodontic patients, kids and patients that are highly sensitive or with low pain tolerance.

This service is comparatively painless and highly-effective than the traditional scaling procedures. This is also a best pre-treatment for Professional Teeth Whitening procedures.

Valeria Doctors also offer Sedation Dentistry. This gives no reason to fear and defer dental treatments. That’s great news and a great offer to explore!

Valeria Doctors promises to give patients a different, whole new level of experience. “As people of this generation long to feel special, that’s what we give them—the Valeria Experience” says Dr. Suiza. “I am confident that we always give our best to make patients feel their best”.

“To me, how we make other people feel always have the most impact so that is where we keep improving”. Valeria Doctors aims to redefine the practice of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine by serving a concoction of real Science, current trends and comfort.

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