Livestock Philippines and Aquaculture Philippines 2024: Leading the Way in Driving Business Opportunities and Industry Growth

Ms. Rungphech “Rose” Chitanuwat, Country General Manager, Informa Markets in the Philippines, Usec Deogracias Victor Savellano, Undersecretary for Livestock Department of Agriculture, Dr. Jonathan Vergara Sabiniano, Program Director, National Livestock Program, Department of Agriculture

Informa Markets in the Philippines is set to host again the Livestock Philippines and Aquaculture Philippines this year, highlighting innovation and technology to improve the agricultural economy particularly the livestock and aquaculture industries. Now on its annual year cycle, the events are ready to showcase technology and cutting-edge product display from market-leading exhibitors, and a knowledge-sharing platform through a series of conferences and industry forums that will enable participants and visitors to link up with technology providers and emerging markets.

The theme “Harnessing Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Farm Development for this year’s Livestock Philippines and Aquaculture Philippines editions could serve as a stimulus for advancing both sectors within the agriculture industry. By emphasizing technology and innovation, these events have the potential to elevate these sectors as key drivers of rural development and employment opportunities, showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices alongside technological advancements.

Unlocking the vast potential of the Philippine livestock and aquaculture subsectors can be achieved by enabling the stakeholders and actors to gain access to the latest in technologies and markets, among many others. And this is one of the primary objectives of the annual Livestock Philippines and Aquaculture Philippines trade show – to make it a knowiedge-sharing platform,said Ms. Rungphech Chitanuwat, the Country General Manager of Informa Markets in the Philippines.

The Department of Agriculture, in its capacity as the key government partner of Livestock Philippines and Aquaculture Philippines, reaffirms its commitment to the shows in presenting technological advancements to local farmers and fisherfolk to improve their agricultural production and make it more profitable. Aligned with the Department of Agriculture’s mandate of “Masaganang Agrikultura, Maunlad na Ekonomiya, “these events play a vital role as a strategic avenue for fostering partnerships between the public and private sectors and providing them with technological resources for the advancement and modernization of agriculture in the Philippines.

The three-day event offers a significant opportunity for stakeholders, industry professionals, farmers, business owners, and buyers within the Philippine livestock and aquaculture sectors to deepen their knowledge of technological advancements and market trends. Some of the important areas such as safeguarding farms through secure biosecurity, animal health, sustainable swine and poultry production, aquaculture trends and outlook will be discussed in in-depth details. Apart from the exhibition, participants can engage in various programs that are free of charge such as the following:

  • Technical Seminars – Exhibitors provide in-depth technical discussions tailored for the Iivestock and aquaculture market.
  • Livestock Conference – Agencies within the Department of Agriculture, including the Bureau of Animal Industry, National Dairy Authority, Philippine Carabao Center, Agricultural Training Institute, and National Meat Inspection, cover relevant topics in the agricultural sector.
  • Aquaculture Conference (May 23, 2024) – A dedicated conference focusing on the aquaculture sector brings together industry professionals to share knowledge, discuss critical aquaculture topics, exchange expertise, and explore innovative industry solutions.
  • Biosecurity Asia Forum (May 23, 2024) – An exclusive forum dedicated to discussing biosecurity practices, government policies, and other biosecurity strategies and approaches to different sectors featuring speakers from Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.
  • Sustainability Forum (May 24, 2024) – This forum aims to raise awareness of sustainability, particularly focusing on sustainable approaches in the livestock, poultry, ruminant, and aquaculture sectors. The events’ sustainability partners, Prestige Paper Products and Central Luzon State University are featured to host their respective panel discussion that drives the campaign towards sustainability.
  • ASEAN Associations Roundtable- An expert dialogue on swine and layer sectors between invited associations from various countries like Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Ms. Chitanuwat said that the staging of the above mentioned conferences and forums demonstrates the strong commitment of Informa Markets and the Department of Agriculture to make Livestock Philippines and Aquaculture Philippines 2024 very relevant to the two sectors, which face numerous challenges but have vast potential including ensuring food security for the entire nation, generating jobs, and creating more viable investment avenues.

Livestock Philippines is set to host again the Livestock Philippines Recognition. This recognition aims to acknowledge companies, associations, cooperatives, and organizations that have significantly contributed to the advancement of the livestock and aquaculture industries in their own simple wavs. These entities are recognized for their conscientious efforts in fostering growth and creating livelihood opportunities within the community.

Moreover, within the exhibition hall, there are educational attractions that are open to visitors at no cost. These include the Eggcellent Corner, presented by the Batangas Egg Producers Cooperative, showcasing the Philippine Egg Roadmap, and highlighting the various advantages of eggs. Additionally, the Sustainability Square aims to promote awareness of sustainability practices and their positive impact on the livestock and aquaculture industries.

Aside from its hosted livestock conference. the Department of Agriculture will feature a pavilion that shows 10 agencies such as the National Livestock Program, Bureau of Animal Industry, National Meat Inspection, National Dairy Authority, Philippine Carabao Center, International Training Center on Pig Husbandry, Agricultural Training Institute, Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards, Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries, and the Land Bank of the Philippines to offer support and guidance to attendees on various industry matters.

The Department of Agriculture for supporting Livestock Philippines and Aquaculture Philippines 2024, for it clearly shows their commitment to enhancing to make the two subsectors competitive and sustainable,” Ms. Chitanuwat said.

The Livestock Philippines and Aquaculture Philippines 2024 will be held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City from May 22 to 24, 2024. The events offer free admission, granting visitors convenient access to the exhibition and a variety of seminars over three days. Trade buyers, veterinarians, animal health practitioners, and local farmers with a keen interest in the event are welcome to attend. The pre-registration process has been further streamlined to provide visitors with a seamless registration experience and can be accessed at this link

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