Immunity Boosters, Helps to Build Up Holistic Approach to your Health in the New Normal

TOP US-based immunology expert Dr. Emmanuel U. Sarmiento, along with professional experts in nutrition and fitness, joins forces with Essential for Daily Living to educate the public about maintaining a holistic approach to health in the new normal.

This develop as more people seek to combat COVID-19 and stay healthy amid the pandemic, emphasizing on the need to promote essential steps in health that advocate for stronger immunity, balanced nutrition, and better fitness.

In the “Boosted and Fit in The Pandemic” forum held April 2 at the sprawling Estancia de Lorenzo Farm Resort in San Mateo, Rizal, Dr. Sarmiento discussed ways to boost one’s resistance against viruses and diseases to strengthen one’s overall physical condition. One such way is the intake of supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and boosters  and  must be complemented by health interventions through nutrition and exercises.

“Supplements are critical because there is something called micronutrient malnutrition. You can feel healthy but if your body is not taking the right amount of micronutrients from the food you eat, then you can still get malnutrition,” says Dr. Sarmiento, who has been recognized as South Carolina’s top allergist and immunologist in 2020. 

“Supplements that are immunity boosters, in particular, are important for patients undergoing chemotherapy, or those preparing for surgeries or are still recovering. Older people must also be taking the right supplements because they are likely to undergo immunosenescence, the process of immune dysfunction that comes with age,” he adds.

In his mission to widen the public’s access to effective immunity boosters, Dr. Sarmiento researched, developed, and formulated Essen Immunoboost SP, a supplement manufactured in the USA and designed with natural active components that work on the cellular level to help maintain immune cells to function properly.

Immunoboost’s scientifically curated ingredients include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Thiamine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Selenium, ginger, and turmeric.

During the pandemic, Dr. Sarmiento advised co-workers in the medical industry in the US to take Immunoboost as they carry out their critical functions as frontline workers. According to him, most of his colleagues who added the supplement to their diet did not get infected by COVID-19 even before the help of today’s vaccines. While some did contract the virus, they had only very mild symptoms.

“Immunoboost is not a cure on its own, but is important to prime, strengthen and balance the immune system. While adopting a healthy lifestyle and having good nutrition are proven to be helpful, in many cases these alone are not enough,” Dr. Sarmiento highlights.

Aside from Immunoboost, Dr. Sarmiento had also developed the Essen Fit capsule, a combination of powdered mangosteen and turmeric designed to boost energy, speed up recovery, and aid in weight loss.

During the event, Dr. Sarmiento is joined by Julianne Malong, a noted expert on nutrition and obesity, and Coach Nix Quejada, who demonstrated ways to boost fitness at home and at the workplace.

Essen Immunoboost SP and Essen Fit are now available in many leading drugstores nationwide and on,, or

Essentials for Daily Living Corporation is one the leading sources of excellent, effective and quality health supplements in the Philippines. Hand-in-hand with its manufacturer arm – the Golden East Drive Laboratories, Inc., it strives to provide access to a wide range of health and wellness products for a healthier populace guided by experts from the pharmaceutical field.

ESSEN NUTRACEUTICALS, the company’s line of health supplements, are FDA-approved and manufactured using pharmaceutical-grade standards to ensure the high quality and effectiveness of its products.

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