Figaro’s After Hours Cocktails

Figaro’s After Hours Cocktails

From morning brews to late-night cocktails, this coffee shop chain is offering something unique, an after-hours bar for those who want to chill after a long day.

Figaro Coffee’s branch inside Liberty Building along H.V. Dela Costa in Salcedo Village is surrounded by offices, seeing an opportunity to cater to the white-collar workers in the area looking for a drink after a tiring day, it reserved a distinctive spot for their newest extension- a bar that whips up cocktails perfect for a tipsy quick fix, the first branch to do so.

While taking time to skip the heavy traffic in Makati, this is a place that convenient for you to hangout. Apart from being a coffee shop, Figaro offers a variety of cocktails for you to relax after office hours.

For almost a month of operations of the unique bar extension, customers have already come to the bar which operates from 6 pm to 11 pm only, but some customer has requested to open the bar as early as 1 pm in the afternoon.

Founded in 1993, Figaro Coffee is no stranger to firsts in the coffee franchising industry, its first kiosk was mysteriously called the “F” store, and the outlet had all the coffee and tea paraphernalia, selling freshly roasted coffee beans while being the first to introduce flavored coffee beans in the Philippines. It now has over 90 outlets worldwide.

Now it has put to the table something that is surely going to tap a new market, adding to their already stellar repertoire.

An idea sprouting from Mr. Justin Liu, Executive Director of Figaro Coffee System, Inc. recognizing the potential in the location, set up the Liberty Building branch which offers real after-hours vibe, especially in their bar area.

Though their spacious store is divided into two 6 pm onwards, the rest of the cafe still offers the world-class brews that the company is known for. Customers still enjoy the food, coffee, and other beverages in the cafe part of the store.

Now, Figaro offers coffee in the morning, and some drinks in the evening, the complete experience for the whole day, but they are still testing the waters with this first branch of “After Hour Cocktails” and they will looking to set-up for another branch.

Some of the cocktails specialized by their head barista IAN LESTER MATELA include Crack of Dawn, which is a Tequila-based drink with orange juice and a twist of pomegranates. Along with this, get to the chance to sip their Triple Shade, a three-layer drink with pomegranate syrup, orange juice, blue curacao and white rock.

The cocktails, the barista says, have the same volume of alcohol, which is enough to make enough tipsy, but not strong enough to leave you motionless in the morning for tomorrow’s workday.


Take on a margarita called Pacific Granadilla, Blurred Lady, with some egg whites on top, and the Espresso Bomb, their cocktail with the most kick which has espresso and some vodka.

They also have drinks like Crack of Dawn, Triple Shade, Bay Breeze, Dark Knight, Strawberry Fizz, and The Cosmopolitan.


They also have the top of the line appetizers specialized by Figaros’ Chef such as, Crispy Pork Belly Chops, Garlic Chicken Salpicao, Pork & Tofu Steak, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Bangus & Tofu Sisig, Angels Chicken Nuggets, Nachos Overload, Holy Seasoned Fries and Potato Chips.

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