Be Yourself, Make Life Alive

Be Yourself, Make Life Alive

Provide all kinds of IoT products with high quality and intelligence for the worldwide young customer’s reality, take every single product really serious, Smart Hi-tech, Smart life, connect human life with smart Hi-tech, create a beautiful life with wisdom, close to you, close to our life, be yourself is our faith, which will lead us to help you find your most fit able life equipment

Realfit is an IOT products provider. Focus on overseas markets. We believe in the idea of “Be yourself, make life alive”, and keep trying to bring all kinds of IoT products with high quality and intelligence for the worldwide young customers.


Realfit brand’s predecessor is the top class Agency service provider which speeds 6 years at overseas markets. With a Mature overseas markets operating strategy and local operating teams, we successfully built up our strongly off-line channel.

Along with the fast development of 5G markets, lots of cellphone providers start to get involved in the IoT area. Realfit depends on its own advantages at operating and off-line channel, Realfit starts to build up its own IoT strategy map with a global vision.


As the first step to build up our IoT business, we set up a high-level independent R&D center in Shenzhen. The core R&D team members are coming from famous Hi-tech company such as Goertek and Harman. At the same time, we set up our manufacturing base in Dongguan. Which already pass the ISO9001 and BSCI. Have almost 900 staff and dozens of intelligent production line.

Currently, Realfit already settled in Amazon and Aliexpress. And we have also registered our brand in more than 20 countries and regions, trying to settle in some famous local online business platform such as Flipkart ·India. In the meantime, our off-line channel in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand will be established very soon.

Furthermore, Realfit is trying to start a business with JD Tmall. Introduce the full of youth and proactive brand to everyone. Make “Realfit – Be yourself, make life alive” be famous.

Because we use our smartphones a lot these days, it is quite important that they have huge battery capacity and more important that they charge faster. Thanks to Quick Charge technology and all other forms of proprietary fast-charging technologies from several OEMs, few minutes of charge can provide enough battery juice sufficient for hours of smartphone usage. If you are looking to buy a new smartphone in this age and time, fast charging is definitely one of the features to look out for.

While fast charging technology may be built into your device by default, the accessories you use to charge your devices also go a long way in determining how fast (or slow) your device charges. Cables vary in terms of how fast they charge, durability, length, price, and other factors.

There are different types of USB cables even though they are not exactly easy to tell apart, physically. And yes, USB cables can also impact how quickly your device’s battery would get to 100%. Typically, to enjoy the fast charging speed of a device with quick charging technology, you must ensure that you’re also using a fast-charging power brick and a fast charging cable.

Regular USB cables send about 2.5 watts of power to your smartphone’s battery while fast charging cables (depending on the manufacturer and the model of your smartphone) can send as high as 120W or power to your battery. Xiaomi’s Super Charge Turbocharger, for example, comes with a fast cable that can supply as high as 100W to a battery. Vivo’s Flash Charge, which is capable of charging a 4,000mAh battery in 13 minutes, comes with a fast-charging cable that can send up to 120W of power to a battery.

If you use a regular USB cable to charge and a fast-charging power brick/adapter to charge a smartphone, you will definitely not get a fast charging speed. This is because the regular cable is limited in the amount of power it can send to a device.


As mentioned earlier, how fast a cable charges depend on the amount of power the cable is built to carry. This is equally dependent on the size of the wire inside the cable; it’s simple physics.

A wire is limited in the amount of current it can transfer therefore a larger wire can carry more current.

The wires you’d find inside a regular USB cable are usually standard-sized 28 gauge wires while fast charging cables have bigger/thicker 24 gauge wires which allow for more current to be supplied to a battery of the same size. See the image below for a better pictorial representation of the size difference between a 28-gauge wire and a 24-gauge wire.


The standard wires in regular USB cables can supply carry about 0.5A of current while fast charging cables are capable of carrying larger currents (2A or more).


Because all cables have no easily identifiable features that distinguish them from standard and regular cables, it is always difficult to tell a regular cable from a fast charging cable. The same way it is to differentiate data cables from charge-only cables. Nonetheless, there are still some easy ways to identify a fast charging cable should you need to buy one for your smartphone.

Some cable manufacturers really make it easy for users to tell the type of cable they are about to spend money on. When picking up a cable, you can check the cable branding, label, or description for anything that points to the cable that supports fast charging. Some cables are properly labor as fast charging/quick charging so (potential) buyers know what they are signing up for.

Another thing to look out for on a cable to determine if it is a fast-charging cable is an amperage. As earlier mentioned, fast charging cables are capable of carrying larger currents of 2A or more. That said, if you need to buy a fast charging cable, be sure to pick out one-labeled to support 2A of current or the specific current that enables your smartphone to charge rapidly.

Because fast charging cables have thick wires inside of them, it is commonly believed that thicker cables charge faster than their slim cable. This is sometimes true but it is not exactly an effective way of identifying a fast charging cable. However, for obvious reasons, you should shy away from purchasing ridiculously thin cables.

In a nutshell, if you have a smartphone that charges rapidly, having a fast charging cable is just as important as having a fast-charging power adapter.

They go hand in hand. It can get a pretty confusing understanding why a cable charges faster than another but I hope it’s pretty clear now.

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