Are you down Bad for some Wings?

You’ll definitely #gofortheWINg with WingStreet!

What’s your drip? Do you love rocking the 90s grunge look, or do you prefer your minimalistic utilitarian workwear? How about going over the top with logos and labels, or do you care more about bringing the heat with the awesome kicks in your rotation? Or maybe you just love your calm luh fits?

Whatever your style for the street is, there’s a WingStreet flavor just for you!

You’ll definitely #gofortheWINg with six delectable flavors to choose from, made with the finest ingredients to bring you a whole new wing experience only at WingStreet!

First, there’s Salted Egg, made with a lip-smacking salted egg sauce topped with chili flakes for that extra kick. There’s also Buffalo, an all-time classic that’s a sure crowd pleaser. If you’re craving some heat, there’s Chili Garlic, made with a special chili garlic sauce and garnished with toasted garlic bits.

It’s all about aroma with Roasted Herb, which is perfectly seasoned with a special roasted herb sauce. Packing some intense swagger is Garlic Parmesan, made with a savory garlic parmesan sauce and topped with grated parmesan cheese. Finally, there’s Honey BBQ, made with a sweet and tangy Honey BBQ sauce and garnished with dried parsley—another classic!

That’s not all! If you want to amp up the flavor even more, you’ll definitely want a Ranch, Zesty Garlic, or Mayo Mustard dip to go with your wings, available for just P25 each!

WingStreet wings are available in 2-pc (P99), 4-pc (P199), 6-pc (P299), 8-pc (P399), 10-pc (P499), and the 12-pc sampler, which comes in up to 2 flavors (P579). But if you want more than just wings, there are also a number of WingStreet combos to choose from, which come with a selection of other flavorful menu items from Pizza Hut!

For the perfect pizza and wings experience, you’ll definitely love these three Wings Treat combos! There’s Wings Treat for 1, which comes with 4 pieces of your favorite WingStreet flavor, 1 Personal Hawaiian Supreme, Supreme, or Super Supreme Pan Pizza, and 1 single serving of ice-cold Pepsi; Wings Treat for 2, which comes with 8 pieces of your favorite WingStreet flavor, 1 Regular Hawaiian Supreme, Supreme, or Super Supreme Pan Pizza, and 2 single servings of ice-cold Pepsi; and Wings Treat for 4, which comes with 12 pieces of up to 2 of your favorite WingStreet flavors, 1 Large Hawaiian Supreme, Supreme, or Super Supreme Pan Pizza, and ice-cold Pepsi for sharing.

If you’re up for some solo snacking, then WingStreet Snack Pack, available in three sets, is perfect for you. Each set comes with 4 pieces of your favorite WingStreet flavor and 1 singe serving of ice-cold Pepsi, plus 1 side depending on your chosen set; WingStreet Snack Pack 1 comes with 1 serving of Regular Crispy Fries, WingStreet Snack Pack 2 comes with Loaded Tater Tots, and WingStreet Snack Pack 3 comes with Mozza Sticks.

Dining out? Then you‘ll never go wrong with the Wing Hack combo, available in two sets exclusively for dine-in. There’s Wing Hack A, which comes with 2 pieces of your favorite WingStreet flavor, 1 serving of rice, and 1 single serving of ice-cold Pepsi. There’s also Wing Hack B, which comes with 2 pieces of your favorite WingStreet flavor, Spaghetti Bolognese, and 2 single servings of ice-cold Pepsi.

Last but not least is the WingStreet Sampler combo, which comes with 12 pieces and up to two flavors of your choice. With exciting different combinations to choose from, you’ll be able to enjoy your WingStreet’s bold flavors in different ways!

The Wings Treat, Wingstreet Snack Packs, and Wingstreet Sampler combos as well as a la carte WingStreet orders are available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery via the (02)8911-1111 hotline,, the Pizza Hut official mobile app, and Pizza Hut’s official delivery partners GrabFood and foodpanda (prices may vary). Meanwhile, the Wing Hack combo is available exclusively for dine-in orders.

What are you waiting for? #gofortheWINg today!

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