AISIN Philippines & Riken Motor Support Don Bosco Tondo Automotive Students

Don Bosco Youth Center Tondo – TVET, has received a significant boost in its mission to empower aspiring auto-mechanic students, thanks to the generous support from Aisin Philippines and Riken Motor Sales through the AISIN ELEVATE PROGRAM. The sponsorship aims to address various challenges faced by students and enhance the quality of education provided at the renowned technical institution.

Student Support: In recognition of the financial hardships endured by junior students, Aisin Philippines and Riken Motor Sales have announced a monthly allowance subsidy program. This initiative aims to alleviate financial burdens, ensuring that students can focus wholeheartedly on their studies without the hindrance of financial constraints.

A monthly allowance will be provided to selected junior students over the course of their Junior term, covering expenses related to transportation, study materials, and meals. By mitigating financial challenges, the program seeks to prevent students from dropping out of classes and struggling to attend regularly, thereby enhancing their overall learning experience and academic performance.

Educational Support through Aisin Auto Parts: Recognizing the paramount importance of practical learning in the automotive industry, Aisin Philippines and Riken Motor Sales are committed to enhancing teaching and demonstration processes at Don Bosco Youth Center Tondo – TVET. As part of this commitment, Aisin auto parts will be provided to the faculty, staff, and students for educational purposes. These high-quality automotive components will serve as invaluable tools for hands-on learning experiences, enabling students to gain practical skills and knowledge essential for their future careers.

Moreover, Aisin Philippines and Riken Motor Sales will organize Expertise Workshops in both face-to-face and hybrid formats. These workshops will offer valuable insights into the automotive industry, supplementing traditional classroom learning with practical knowledge and industry expertise.

The official awarding ceremony of Aisin’s Certificate of sponsorship took place on March 15, 2024, at the Automotive Building of Don Bosco Youth Center Tondo – TVET. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Keisuke Fukuda (Aisin Philippines Chief Representative), Mr. Marlon Beraquit (Aisin Philippines Deputy Chief Representative), Ms. Angeline Pajaro (Riken Motor Sales Representative), Mr. Jomari Tengco (Department Head of Automotive Department at Don Bosco Technical School, Tondo), Rev. Fr. Dennis Silvestre Casaclano, SDB (TVET Director & Administrator), and the faculty and recipient students from the Automotive Servicing Program.

This sponsorship initiative underscores Aisin Philippines and Riken Motor Sales’ commitment to nurturing the next generation of automotive professionals and fostering excellence in technical education. By providing essential support and resources, the AISIN ELEVATE PROGRAM aims to empower industry stakeholders, students, and educators alike, paving the way for a brighter future in the Philippine automotive industry.

Aisin, steadfast in its dedication, endeavors to foster a global landscape where inclusivity thrives. Its commitment extends beyond borders, resonating in every community it touches. In the local scene, Aisin Philippines and Riken Motor Sales underscored the pivotal role of private enterprises in nurturing talents and promoting academic excellence within the automotive industry.

In light of this, they have voiced a strong recommendation for other business organizations to initiate or continue their support for educational initiatives aimed at cultivating future industry stakeholders – the youth. Recognizing the immense value that such collaborations bring, Aisin Philippines and Riken Motor Sales encourage the broader business community to actively engage in educational partnerships that not only benefit students but also contribute to the advancement of the industry as a whole. By investing in the education and development of young talents, businesses can play a vital role in shaping a skilled workforce capable of meeting the evolving demands of the automotive sector, there box fostering innovation, growth, and sustainability.

Aisin, steadfast in its dedication, endeavors to foster a global landscape where inclusivity thrives. Our commitment extends beyond borders, resonating in every community we touch.

For more information about the Don Bosco Technical School, Tondo mission, please contact Ms. Jonafe Travero at [email protected] .

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