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XUMCoin Launches in the Philippines

(From left to right) Celebrity hosts Xian Lim and Ruffa Gutierrez, Chairman Jessie Royo & Mrs. Emma Royo, MMBC CEO Emery Jestine Royo-Alon, JESSEM Security Agency President Venz Francis P. Alon, HERO App’s CEO, Jelyza Chen P. Royo & Operational Manager, Ryan Nicko Morales.

XUMCoin, the first cryptocurrency that dared to launch in the Philippines, with its tight regulatory environment, was presented before a huge audience of entrepreneurs to help them grow their financial resources better.

Cryptocurrency has yet to be grasped by the Philippine market but there have been individuals and businesses that have invested with this using their international and digital links.

     Chairman, Jessie Royo lead the grand launching

The difference is that with XUMCoin, this cryptocurrency tries to limit itself to markets that have sufficient knowledge and understanding of blockchain and cryptographic tokens, smart contracts, storage mechanisms (like digital or token wallets), blockchain-based software systems and blockchain or distributed ledger technology.

With the rising popularity of digital Cryptocurrency in the world, XUMCoin was successfully launched at the Cove Area in Okada Manila last June 23, 2021.

Undoubtedly, the Philippines is one of the world’s fastest adopters of cryptocurrency. According to recent study, the covid pandemic has fuelled the trend, with Filipinos releasing the value of crypto as an investment and income generating currency.

Actress turned beauty queen, Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez and Model Actor, Mr. Xian Lim hosted the grand event with top ace guest performers Pop Superstar Angeline Quinto, Singer-comedian Mitoy Yonting, Actress-singer Cristina Paner, and multi-awarded cost shadow group, El Gamma Penumbra.

         MMBC CEO Emery Jestine Royo-Alon, and HERO App’s CEO,  Jelyza Chen P. Royo

The attraction to cryptocurrency is borne of the fact that only a few of them are in circulation, hence those possessing them can sell or buy their coin stocks at the prices prevailing at the time of transaction, which are usually done online only.

Anyone who wants to patronize and support XUMCoin are advised to make their independent assessment on the merits, the benefits and risks involved before considering to acquire one and to bear the risks thereof, including loss of all amounts paid, their suitability for acquiring any XUMCoin and should consult their accounting, legal and tax representatives and advisers to evaluate the economic, legal and tax consequences of acquiring XUMCoin.

         Beauty Queen-Actress, Ruffa Gutierrez and Actor-Model,                  Xian Lim hosted the grand event

XUMCoin is a utility and service-oriented digital currency powered by its own blockchain. As Blockchain technology continues to emerge and develop, an influx of governments, corporations and both public and private sector influencers continue to spread awareness and champion the practical benefits of Blockchain for efficiently and effectively solving a multitude of complex global challenges.


XUMCoin will have a primary use as a gas fee or transaction fee for the whole ecosystem of XUMChain. Given the speed and the volume of 200 transactions, every 5 seconds per block and a cheaper gas fee of 50 XUMCoin (approx. $0.50 at its current value) to execute any transaction, or a premium fee for faster transfer and verification will surely make the demand higher.

    XUM Chairman, Jessie Royo seated with his wife Emma Royo (center)

XUMCoin is responsibly engaging and providing solutions for global clients, communities and businesses that choose to adopt this new era of technological thinking. The results not only improve the operations of their businesses, but the lives of their clients and future partners.

The chairman of XUMChain Technologies LLC embarked on XUMCoin with perseverance, passion, dedication, and faith—the true mark of a great leader. He had a discipline of honesty that brought forth trust that binds his people to follow his directions.

His vision was to make people’s life easier by creating a sustainable eco­system that will help them elevate their lives, capture their dreams, and inspire one another like how the chairman of XUMChain Technologies LLC pursued his dream to help humanity.

XUMChain Technologies LLC is driven by the desire to serve people through technology. The blockchain technology is but one of the options that the founder chose as a medium to extend his support and commitment to his people. This way, users and currency holders can participate and avail the benefits of the whole ecosystem built exactly to serve the market.

The composer of the XUM official jingle, Jovy Leonardo (4th from left) together with MMBC’s Brand Ambassador, Arnel Laconsay (2nd from left)

His mission was to equip people with the right knowledge on how to take advantage of technology by exploring its usability for the future. To do this, he had to provide a series of digital, service-orientated platforms and infrastructure to empower local, regional and international communities to engage with, learn and benefit from blockchain technologies.


XUMCoin will be primarily used as the currency of the wider ecosystem. It will be used to pay the utility and services being offered in the platform.

With the total pre-mined supply of 55 million XUMCoins, an initial of 10million XUMCoins will be circulated for the first year at a value of $0.01 (USD) that is expected to incrementally increase considering the initial limited supply, an expanding ecosystem, acceptability, and demand.

XUMCoin will only be available from all authorized XUM token affiliates and partners.

With the continuous and stable rise of cryptocurrency across the board, it has become clear that it’s here to stay. It’s your time now to invest in your future and create a life-changing passive income that requires goal, patience and strong determination.

If other nations can do it, FILIPINOS can do better!!!

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