Top Interior Design Trends 2024 from Our Home

OUR HOME paves the way for an exciting 2024 in furniture, furnishings and accessories as it releases its top trends for the next year. As the leading authority in setting the trends in the interior design industry, here are OUR HOME’s forecasts for the coming year. Take a look as we list down OUR HOME’s best Bs.


Brown is making a comeback. Not that it has ever left… but brown has been a staple in interior design for as long as people can say warm and earthy. This year though, brown captures the imagination of interior design as it embraces the luxurious side of brown. For 2024, brown evolves into something sophisticated and elegant as exemplified by plush brown fabrics in furniture upholstery, bed linens and throw pillows.

Shades and tones of brown come alive in different gradations as it evokes a neutral appeal. Cinnamon, burnt sienna, chocolate, camel and sand with its tones and shades all give rise to a new look in furniture and furnishings. So why is brown the new black? Because in 2024, brown will go with literally everything.

Mix it with subdued and pale hues or go wild with pairing it with vibrant and bright colors and you will never go wrong. And the results will still be comfortable, cozy and warm.


Texture is going to be big by the coming year. Tactile fabrics appeal to a certain sensuality when it comes to interior design, and we are all here for boucle. In furniture fabrics, boucle is now considered a rising star and this star will continue to shine for 2024. There is something to be said for this type of upholstery material that exudes comfort and warmth yet elicits a clean and crisp vibe.

Sofas, lounge chairs and accent chairs are given the boucle treatment creating a look that is current and trendy, just what 2024 is all about. So, get ready and buckle up because we’re going to be seeing a lot of boucle.


Angles and straight lines are out, and soft edges and curves are in. For next year, comfort takes on another level as furniture pieces are doing away with harsh corners and hard edges. Biomorphic shapes and forms in furniture bring back a certain vintage and retro vibe to modern furniture design that will undoubtedly revolutionize spaces.

Living room, dining room and bedroom furniture pieces receive a softer treatment as rounded edges, delicate curves and smooth corners dominate the interior design landscape resulting in an ambiance that’s cool and calm, relaxed and restorative. 


The tufting detail of the Victorian Period is given a modern treatment come 2024. Buttons become very evident as a design tool in furniture pieces as dining chairs and sofas give off a plusher and posher appearance through the use of tufting. Even headboards are donning the same trend as it levels up the playing field by giving the bedroom an air of aristocracy.

Tufting details on modern and contemporary shapes of furniture pieces speak of quiet luxury and bring forth a certain air of nostalgia without going overboard. It creates an ambiance of 19th century European flair given a totally trendy and current twist.


Ironically, brown is making a big comeback except… in wood. For 2024, wood is painted and stained in bold, bright and vibrant colors. Chartreuse, teal, periwinkle, cobalt and magenta are just some of the hues that wood would assume for the coming year.

Expect center, side and console tables to be made of wood but rendered in bright palettes to give off an exciting and dynamic feel to the room.

Old thrift store finds, and flea market cabinets made from any kind of wood are given a make-over by stripping off the varnish and applying a bevy of color tones and voila – the piece automatically transforms into something that’s current and modish.

Paint or stain it? It doesn’t matter because the results speak for itself – a new trend emerging in wood finishing.

Come 2024, watch out for all these top trends unfolding in all OUR HOME branches nationwide. Be inspired as these trends come to life in lifestyle settings especially curated to elicit the best interior design styling ideas to give your home a 2024 vibe. Only at OUR HOME… Great Designs… Great Prices!

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