Key Factors that Make NOK Corteco the Gold Standard in Automotive Oil Sealing

These are the reasons behind NOK Corteco’s solid industry-leadership status in its segment

When it comes to oil seals, valve seals, or hydraulic packings for automotive, NOK Corteco is among the most trusted brands. In fact, it is considered an industry authority for its exceptional quality and guaranteed superiority in terms of performance.

The long brand history of NOK Corteco has paved the way for its solid reputation, thanks to its reliability, longevity, and exceptional quality. NOK Corteco seals are made to deliver optimal efficiency, extended machinery lifespan, and enhanced performance. That is why the brand’s superiority extends beyond the automotive industry—breaching even to manufacturing and construction industries.

The remarkable sealing capabilities brought about by NOK Corteco can be cited for the trust it has earned in the auto industry. The name is synonymous to high quality and reliability because of the following features.

Unmatched quality

NOK Corteco manufactures its products with the highest quality standards as a priority. Thus, its seals and packings render exceptional performance and reliability. The name stands by its commitment to excellence, as apparent in its products. This is why NOK Corteco surpasses industry benchmarks as an authority in automotive seals.

Precision engineering

NOK Corteco oil and valve seals are distinguished by precision engineering. The products are meticulously created to bring about perfect fit, giving way to effective sealing even under the most challenging conditions. Precise tolerances and dimensions ensure a more durable and secured seal—effectively minimizing friction and preventing leaks.

Versatility to fit various applications

Whether for powering engines in vehicles, heavy machinery operations in construction, or complex manufacturing processes, NOK Corteco could cater to a broad range of sealing applications encompassing industries. The brand boasts of a comprehensive lineup of products that ensure perfect sealing for every possible application. It is best used for engines, axles, gearboxes, and hydraulic systems wherein reliable sealing is critical and necessary.

Resistance to harsh environments

Vehicles operate even in the most demanding and harsh environments and conditions. Exposure to chemicals, contaminants, and extreme temperatures are common factors, which are nothing compared to the capability and effectiveness of NOK Corteco oil and valve seals. The brand’s products are engineered to easily withstand unlikely conditions, keeping sealing integrity even in extended periods. The exceptional resistance paves the way for protection, reduced downtime, and prevention of potentially expensive repairs.

Enhanced longevity and performance

NOK Corteco seals help lower the natural wear and tear process of critical automotive components. The reliable sealing efficiency helps bring about optimal performance, increased productivity, and longevity of machinery.

Highest quality assurance

Quality assurance is inherent to NOK Corteco. It has obtained certifications, which include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS 16949. These validate the company’s commitment to consistent delivery of reliable products that adhere with the most stringent quality control.

Symbol of authenticity in PH

NOK Corteco is among the most trusted and gold-standard brands distributed in the country by BSB Junrose Corporation. As the authorized supplier and distributor, the 55-year-old automotive

authority is proud to bring to the local market NOK Corteco’s lineup of products that align with BSB Junrose’s commitment to excellence and best quality.

Thus, BSB Junrose is putting a quality assurance seal in every unit of NOK Corteco products in the Philippines. “We assure provision of superior sealing performance that only NOK Corteco can deliver,” said BSB Junrose President Benjamin Bangayan Jr. “The QS seal by BSB Junrose will assure our customers that the NOK Corteco product being purchased is authentic. This is among our ways of controlling proliferation of counterfeit products in the market.”

“NOK Corteco and BSB Junrose are aligned when it comes to bringing superior quality to the local automotive industry,” he concluded.

Visit any of BSB Junrose’s locations or their dealers nationwide to inquire and purchase NOK Corteco products. You may also check out BSB Junrose’s FB page  or text/call 0917 165 8111.

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