E-RAN: Your Handy Man is Just One-Click Away

Just when we are already accustomed to doing household chores and different DIY stuff that we found online, we are now asked to report back to our work office and focus again on every task at hand. Despite these adjustments, we can’t let go of these new-found skills that we developed over the past two years, hence we just keep fitting everything into our schedule, trying to balance our life out. But what if you are one of those people who just can’t do anything at home and your scheduled chores and home-fixing are starting to mount up?

E-RAN or Emergency Realtime Access Network is a one-click mobile application that is set to empower business owners and skilled personnel to simplify their operations with a unified all-access app suited to all kinds of on-demand services. May it be for household and office maintenance, manpower, security agencies, event coordinators, car rental, photo, and video services, marketing, personal care, construction, deliveries, and more, ERAN envisions to be a customer-centric service portal that can offer and provide various manpower needs in one touch of an app.

“As we all start going back to our busy lives, we are now challenged to balance our home and office life with various tasks and responsibilities. ERAN is here to be your one-click-away handyman ready to provide various services may it be for personal or professional use. With Filipinos being naturally talented in different industries, we are sure that you’ll find the most competent and reliable help that you’ll need in your daily life,” Mr. Rannie Nadela, president and CEO of E-RAN.

Services Offered E-RAN’s services span from the biggest task that you’ll need to the small chores that provide ultimate convenience to your life. Primarily categorized into three, E-RAN services cover Emergency and Okey Services, Personal Services, and Delivery Services.

For your need of a professional home repairman or office maintenance services, E-RAN offers house cleaning, carpentry, electronics, door-lock solution, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, aircon repair, painting, septic tank, upholstery, and welding services. Their Okey Services covers manpower services, security agencies, event coordinators, car rental services, photo, and video services, marketing services, and construction services. Pampering has never been this good as E-RAN also links you to hair services, manicure and pedicure, spa, make-up services, facials, lashes, eyebrow threading, barbershop, massage services, and eyebrow tattoo needs under its Personal Care Services.

Covering all our needs and errands, E-RAN also offers Delivery Services, which offer food delivery, grocery delivery, and drugstore delivery. To avail and enjoy these services, all you need to do is download E-RAN via Google Play or through their website Sign up and fill-up the form with your basic information. You can all use your social networking accounts such as Facebook for easy sign-up. Once download and signed up, you can now scan through various services found in the app and avail the services your need for your personal use, home, or even business.

How to Earn? In its commitment to uplifting the lives of many Filipinos, E-RAN is also open to all merchant partners who wish to offer their services. This aims to easily connect our local pool of talents to anyone who requires their services. Each transaction is guaranteed efficient and safe as all will be properly evaluated and accredited.

To be a merchant partner, just download E-RAN via Google Play or through their website Sign up and fill-up the form with your personal information including the types of services that you can offer. The E-RAN team will verify all information indicated, and once verified, you will be required to submit all required documents to further process your application. This is done to make secure and offer safe and quality services for both customers and merchant partners. Once all documents have been approved, merchant partners will then receive E-RAN’s Terms and Conditions for final contract signing.

Every successful merchant partner submission is entitled to enjoy a month of offer with no commission deducted by E-RAN, access to the community partners with the E-RAN Platform, and a chance to further earn as a merchant partner. Meanwhile, for the Delivery Services, E-RAN is also opening its doors to rider partners. Just like merchant partners, aspiring rider-partner is requested to download E-RAN via Google Play or through their website Sign up and fill-up the form with your personal information including details of your vehicle. Your account will undergo a verification process, and once it’s been approved, you will be asked to submit online necessary supporting documents. The final step for the E-RAN rider-partner will be the stage where you will receive E-RAN’s Terms and Condition for final contract signing.

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